NFL draft season never ends. From the moment the 2015 NFL Draft ended, 2016 mock drafts were already fresh off of the presses. Fans always want to know who their next big playmakers are, despite the fact that mock drafts are often times very, very wrong. Still, mock drafts are useful for determining the positions of need for NFL teams and what they might do in certain scenarios.

Since this is the regular season, the order of the draft is in constant flux but the top of the draft remains fairly consistent as these teams keep losing. As such, this will just be a mock of the top five picks in the draft. Any further than that, and we’ll get into territory that changes on a week to week basis.

  1. Detroit Lions: Joey Bosa, defensive end, Ohio State
    • Bosa might be having a down year, but he is still a freakish talent worthy of the top pick. Bosa dominated college football in 2014 and had been constantly double-teamed this season. He has size, speed and more than enough strength. He is technically sound and is masterful at beating tackles one-on-one. Fun fact: NFL teams evaluated offensive tackles for the 2015 draft based on how they performed against Bosa.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars: Laremy Tunsil, offensive tackle, Ole Miss
    • Luke Joeckel hasn’t lived up to his draft position and a new tackle might be needed to secure the blindside of Blake Bortles. Laremy Tunsil started from day one at Ole Miss and has been one of the best tackles in college football since. Tunsil isn’t playing this season so far due to NCAA violations, but this is not a concern for NFL teams. If anything, they are happy he isn’t getting injured on the field with meaningless reps against New Mexico State.
  3. Baltimore Ravens: Laquon Treadwell, wide receiver, Ole Miss
    • The Raven’s leading receiver is Steve Smith, who has already announced his retirement at the end of this season. As such, Treadwell is a no brainer for the Ravens. He suffered a terrible knee injury last season, but has bounced back nicely. He is strong, has good hands and fights for the ball better than any receiver in the nation. Injury concerns will be major for Treadwell, but he has Top 5 talent if he passes all the tests.
  4. New Orleans Saints: Jalen Ramsey, safety, Florida State
    • Ramsey is playing cornerback for FSU, but his future in the NFL is at safety. He is a playmaker wherever he is on the field and was a difference maker from day one in Tallahassee. The Saints need to boost their secondary with Julio Jones, Kelvin Benjamin and Mike Evans lighting up scoreboards, so Ramsey is a very good choice.
  5. Houston Texans: Jared Goff, quarterback, California
    • The Hackenberg-Houston rumors will be swirling, but the Texans will be making the right choice to draft Goff at #5 overall. Goff is more pro-ready and might be able to start day one for the Texans. Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett are career backups and neither has the talent to push Houston to the playoffs. Houston has major holes offensively, but drafting Goff will be perfect for the quarterback guru that is Bill O’Brien.

On a side note, this draft looks to be really weak at quarterback, but strong at defensive back and wide receiver. Keep that in mind as you berate your starting quarterback for throwing two picks in a game. He might be the best option out there.


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