Securing the commitment of a five-star quarterback recruit, someone who is wanted by every team in the nation, is not an easy feat.

Signing a second five-star in the class immediately afterwards is near impossible.

But signing a third? Well, that’s impossible, right?

The Georgia Bulldogs beg to differ.

Currently, Georgia does not have a quarterback committed for the 2018 recruiting class. However, they have put themselves in great position with uncommitted five-star recruits Justin Fields (Kennesaw, GA) and Matt Corral (Long Beach, CA). Both Fields and Corral have recently decommitted from Penn State and USC respectively and have the Bulldogs on their radars.

How, you might ask, can a school be entertaining two five-star quarterback recruits at one time? Well, the situation is fairly unique.

Fields is the No. 3 overall player in the 2018 recruiting class and is considering Georgia along with Florida, Florida State and Auburn. He is a Georgia native and the prospects of staying home to play college ball are certainly tantalizing. Analysts are split on where he will commit to, with various predictions being thrown out there for all four schools.

Meanwhile, Corral is all the way out west in California, but recently took a visit to Georgia. After he decommitted from the Trojans, many analysts have predicted that the pro-style passer will end up in Athens when all is said and done, despite him also listing Florida and Alabama as other possible contenders.

With two five-star quarterback considering Georgia, you’d have to imagine that there is a lack of quarterback depth in Athens, right?


In 2016, Georgia signed five-star quarterback Jacob Eason (Lake Stevens, WA), the No. 5 overall prospect in his recruiting class. Eason started the majority of last season for the Bulldogs as a true freshman and performed fairly well despite being in his first year of eligibility. At 6-5, 230-pounds, Eason has NFL-ready size and could have a breakout campaign this year.

In 2017, this most recent recruiting cycle, Georgia also signed Jake Fromm (Warner Robins, GA) who just barely missed out on five-star status as the No. 47 overall prospect in the class. By all accounts, Fromm has hit the ground running at Georgia and could seriously challenge Eason for the job.

In short, there are two young quarterbacks in Athens who could be considered the future of the program, yet the Bulldogs are still able to attract the attention of two uncommitted five-stars in this current class.

This isn’t a recent phenomenon either. In 2013, Georgia signed Brice Ramsey (Kingsland, GA) who was the No. 100 overall prospect and a four-star recruit. In 2014, they signed Jacob Park (Goose Creek, SC), the No. 114 overall player and another four-star recruit. This trend can further be traced back to signing four-star Christian LeMay (Matthews, NC) in 2011 and five-star Aaron Murray (Tampa, FL) in 2009.

So why are the Bulldogs landing all these upper echelon quarterback recruits, despite going through a major coaching change in recent years?

One of the biggest factors is geographic location. The state of Georgia produces a lot of elite quarterback recruits. Seeing as the Bulldogs are the only major program in the state, they normally have the pick of the litter when it comes to quarterbacks.

Every blue-chip QB recruit since 2008 and where he has gone to college.

The above image shows every blue-chip quarterback recruit since 2008 and where he has signed to play college ball. California and Texas stand out as states that have produced a lot of talent, but Georgia has also produced some elite recruits as well.

Of course, Georgia loses some battles. In 2014, five-star recruit Deshaun Watson spurned the hometown ‘Dogs and jumped across the border to Clemson. Just recently, five-star recruit Trevor Lawrence made a similar move to commit to the Tigers.

Still, the fact that they’ve kept high-profile recruits like Fromm and Ramsey in the state, while also going out west to attract a five-star like Eason is a feat that has to be commended.

Going back to the current class, Georgia seems to be in good position to sign one of either Fields or Corral. The situation looks pretty simple as well. Fields is their primary target, but if he commits elsewhere they turn up the heat on Corral. The fact that they can keep a five-star player like Corral on the back burner is simply phenomenal.

I think the biggest question now is: Will Georgia be able to continue this trend on the quarterback recruiting trail?

If Georgia signs one of Fields or Corral, their three year span of Eason-Fromm-Fields/Corral might be one of the greatest three-year stretches of quarterback recruiting in the modern age of college football.

The state of Georgia has proven that it can constantly pump out elite-level quarterbacks, but the problem might arise when other programs creep into Georgia’s backyard to recruit these players. Historically-elite Alabama is right around the corner, as well as programs like Florida State, Auburn and Clemson that constantly recruit at a Top-5 level.

Right now, head coach Kirby Smart is in a great position to succeed. He returns Eason at quarterback and a bunch of talent on the roster in a weak SEC Easy division. If the Bulldogs are going to keep up this momentum on the recruiting trail, they need results on the field. Getting back to the SEC Championship and beyond will be key.

But for now, Bulldog fans can take solace in the fact that their program has some elite quarterbacks on the roster and is in a great position to add another one this year.


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